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October 19 2016

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"You Have Been Served"
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October 18 2016



Writer/Director: Adam Curtis
Year: 2016
Duration: 2:46:31
Description from BBC:

We live in a time of great uncertainty and confusion. Events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control. Donald Trump, Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, random bomb attacks.

And those who are supposed to be in power are paralysed - they have no idea what to do.

This film is the epic story of how we got to this strange place. It explains not only why these chaotic events are happening - but also why we, and our politicians, cannot understand them.

It shows that what has happened is that all of us in the West - not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves - have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because it is all around us we accept it as normal.

But there is another world outside. Forces that politicians tried to forget and bury forty years ago - that then festered and mutated - but which are now turning on us with a vengeful fury. Piercing though the wall of our fake world.

Description from

HyperNormalisation wades through the culmination of forces that have driven this culture into mass uncertainty, confusion, spectacle and simulation. Where events keep happening that seem crazy, inexplicable and out of control—from Donald Trump to Brexit, to the War in Syria, mass immigration, extreme disparity in wealth, and increasing bomb attacks in the West—this film shows a basis to not only why these chaotic events are happening, but also why we, as well as those in power, may not understand them. We have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. And because it is reflected all around us, ubiquitous, we accept it as normal. This epic narrative of how we got here spans over 40 years, with an extraordinary cast of characters—the Assad dynasty, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Patti Smith, early performance artists in New York, President Putin, Japanese gangsters, suicide bombers, Colonel Gaddafi and the Internet. HyperNormalisation weaves these historical narratives back together to show how today’s fake and hollow world was created and is sustained. This shows that a new kind of resistance must be imagined and actioned, as well as an unprecedented reawakening in a time where it matters like never before.

(Thanks, Fefe)
Nach diesem Bauprinzip sind die mächtigsten Organisationen der Erde geschaffen. Die 500 größten Unternehmen der Welt – die meisten von ihnen Aktiengesellschaften – vereinigen die Hälfte der weltweiten Wirtschaftsleistung auf sich. Was sie produzieren – Autos und Medikamente, Schnuller und Maschinengewehre, Viehfutter und Strom –, sind austauschbare Mittel zu ihrem eigentlichen Zweck, nämlich der Geldvermehrung. Ist der Bedarf an Produkten gedeckt, muss neuer Bedarf geschaffen werden. Daher ist es unabdingbar, dass Menschen in Konsumenten verwandelt werden, deren Beitrag zum gesellschaftlichen Leben im Kaufen besteht – ganz gleich wie sinnlos, überflüssig oder schädlich die Produkte sind. Gesellschaftliche Entscheidungen über Sinn und Zweck des Ganzen, die Fragen, was Menschen wirklich brauchen und wie sie leben wollen, haben in ihrer Logik keinen Platz.
Ausstieg aus der Megamaschine | Das Ende der Megamaschine
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So you didn't consider it? Thanks anyway for reading my little text.

I don't see where I accused you of anything. If you feel like I'm bothering you and do not want to have a discussion, I will stop replying.

If you want to have a discussion, or an argument, you have to see that to me, and supposedly others in this discussion, "bearing with the result of getting pregnant unintentionally" does not mean the same thing as to you. In effect, this stems from the inherent value, or let's say "sanctity," one assigns to the fetus. So one has to argue this point first, or at least agree on it for the sake of the argument, in order for further discussion not to be futile.


"Killing the future". As if a more of humans would do this society any good, to not even speak of this planet.

Consider that your wish to see other humans (women in this case) suffer if they do not conform to your wishes does originate from frustration over a lack of control over your own life.

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VIDEO: Amy Goodman Speaks After ND Judge Dismisses "Riot" Charges for Covering Pipeline Protest

October 17, 2016


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A North Dakota judge has dismissed the "riot" charges against Amy Goodman for covering the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. Just after the decision was announced, Amy addressed supporters outside the Morton County Courthouse. Her attorneys, Tom Dickson and Reed Brody, spoke first.

Read More || Breaking: Judge Rejects “Riot” Charges Against Amy Goodman in North Dakota


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: First of all, I would like to introduce my lawyer, Tom Dickson, and also—who is here from Bismarck, who will make a brief statement. As you may have heard, I was going into court today at 1:30 to face riot charges. Tom will speak, and then my other attorney, Reed Brody, will speak. And then I’d like to introduce you to the Democracy Now! team.

TOM DICKSON: Good afternoon, everybody. Good afternoon. On Friday afternoon, the criminal trespass charge, which was a frivolous criminal charge, was dismissed against Amy Goodman. At that time, we were—at that time, we were informally informed there would be a second charge filed against her: engaging in a riot, a Class B misdemeanor charge. And we were informed that she was to appear in front of the judge at 1:30 today to hear the charge and to get bond set. This morning, we were informed the judge refused to find probable cause for that charge. I spoke with the Morton County state’s attorney, Al Koppy, this afternoon. The case against Amy Goodman is now dismissed. And I just want to say now that the case is dismissed. Amy Goodman is a free woman.

REED BRODY: Thank you very much. Thank you very much, and thank you for being out here. Let me just say that Amy Goodman was always a free woman. I think when the state, when the prosecutor misguidedly decided to file charges against Amy Goodman, she decided—he decided to go after the wrong person. Amy Goodman is not intimidated. And this dismissal, this rejection of the charges, is a complete vindication of the right of a journalist to report on the truth and, more importantly, the right of the public to know what is happening with the pipeline and with the struggle of the people here to protect their water and to protect their land.

AMY GOODMAN: It is a great honor to be here today. The judge’s decision to reject the State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson’s attempt to prosecute a journalist—in this case, me—is a great vindication of the First Amendment and of our right to report.

On September 3rd—on September 3rd, the Democracy Now! team came to North Dakota to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, to the resistance camps, to cover this epic struggle, Native people on the front lines, particularly Native American women, on—on the front lines, who are taking on not only the Dakota Access pipeline, but a global issue of climate—climate justice, taking on the global issue of global warming. Democracy Now! has been covering climate justice issues for the full 20 years that we have been broadcasting. We go to every U.N. climate summit. So often, it’s indigenous people on the front lines. We covered the Keystone XL pipeline. Now we’re covering the Dakota Access pipeline.

And the important role of a journalist is to go to where the silence is. We should not be alone in the major media coming to cover this historic unification of Native Americans from more than 200 tribes, from Latin America to the United States to Canada. All of the media should be there, given the scope of this struggle. And we encourage all of the media to come here. We certainly will continue to cover this struggle. It’s not only to protect the water and land rights, but it’s your—but it’s covering your right to speak, to be heard.

We are not the only ones who have been charged. We faced misdemeanor. I faced misdemeanors. But I know there are a number of people who are going to court even as we speak here. Also important to point out other journalists who are being arrested.

The state’s—the state’s attorney was attempting to stop journalism. The state’s attorney must respect freedom of the press and the First Amendment. On September 3rd, we came to North Dakota and covered the Native Americans going down the road from the camp to plant their tribal flags at their burial ground. They were surprised to learn at their sacred ground—and I’m sure a number of you were there—that the Dakota Access pipeline was actually actively excavating at that moment on this holiday weekend. They urged the bulldozers to stop. The security guards came out with their dogs and pepper spray. The dogs bit the protesters. Democracy Now! videotaped the bloody dog with blood dripping from his mouth and his nose, biting not only protesters, or protectors, the land and water protectors, but the Native Americans’ horses, as well. These images went viral. Fourteen million people, almost immediately, saw these images around the world. All of the networks then published, then played excerpts of that video—CBS Evening News, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, NPR. And it went on from there. We call that trickle-up journalism. The state cannot stop this journalism. The state must not stop this journalism. Violating the First Amendment is not good for North Dakota, it’s not good for this country.

I want to—we, together—and I want to point out my colleagues, the Democracy Now! team. John Hamilton, who continues to film today, as he has been filming with us. Laura Gottesdiener—Laura, where are you? Laura, wave your hand—who is tireless in her reporting on these issues. And Denis Moynihan, behind me, who is—this team was so critical in bringing out this story. I also want to thank Hany Massoud and, again, our lawyers Reed Brody and Tom Dickson.

Most importantly, I want to thank everybody for being here, for showing up, for standing up for freedom of the press. And standing up for freedom of the press goes beyond journalism. Freedom of the press is about the public’s right to know. That right to know is sacred. That’s what makes a democracy meaningful, when you are able to make informed decisions. We’ve got to open up the media to everyone’s voice. I see the media as a huge kitchen table that stretches across the globe that we all sit around and debate and discuss the critical issues of the day. When you hear someone speak for themselves—a Lakota grandmother, an Ojibwe grandchild—it breaks down barriers. It challenges the caricatures and stereotypes that fuel the hate groups. It is so important that we open up this dialogue. You don’t have to agree with what you hear, but you begin to understand where people are coming from. That’s the beginning of peace. I think the media can be the greatest force for peace on Earth. Unfortunately, all too often it’s wielded as a weapon of war, which is why we have to take the media back.

Thank you for coming out here today. We will continue to cover what happens at the resistance camps, what happens on the reservation, what happens at the excavation sites, what happens behind the bars in the Mandan jail. One of the issues we’ve covering now extensively, just today, is the number of people charged with low-level misdemeanors, like, oh, Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, the pediatrician on the reservation, on the Standing Rock Reservation, charged with disorderly conduct, brought to this jail and strip-searched. The chair of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, its chair, Standing Rock Sioux’s Dave Archambault, charged in a civil disobedience, brought to this jail and strip-searched. It is very important that we cover all of these issues. More than 140 people have been arrested so far. Democracy Now! will continue to be there, this daily grassroots global news hour.

We send a shout out to the media at the camp, to Native media all over. It’s so important that your voices are broadcast, that you capture what’s happening on the ground, as well, and that we demand that the corporate media also come here and broadcast the voices of those who are on the front lines of democracy. Democracy Now! is about movements. It’s movements that make history. Thank you for being here, for talking to us. Democracy now!

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squatting will do the thing
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Kanzlerin Merkel hat US-Präsident Obama zugesichert, den Militär-Etat von 1,2 Prozent auf 2 Prozent des Bruttoinlandsprodukts zu erhöhen – auf mehr als 60 Milliarden Euro. Zum Vergleich: Für Entwicklungshilfe gibt Deutschland zurzeit gerade einmal 0,4 Prozent des Bruttoinlandsproduktes aus, deutlich weniger als die eigentlich international zugesagten 0,7 Prozent und verglichen mit den Ausgaben für Rüstung und Krieg beschämend.

Mit ihrer jahrelangen Weigerung, mehr Geld für den Kampf gegen den millionenfachen Hungertot in Afrika bereitzustellen, ihren Waffenexporten, ihrer Unterstützung des „großen Bruders“ USA bei seinen Öl- und Gaskriegen und ihrem Festhalten an „Freihandelsabkommen“, die die Wirtschaft ärmerer Länder niederkonkurrieren, schafft Frau Merkel Tag für Tag die Voraussetzungen dafür, dass immer mehr Menschen vor Krieg, Hunger und Armut fliehen müssen. Wann lernt sie es endlich?

Welch eine Veränderung: Der Friedensnobelpreisträger Willy Brandt warb als deutscher Bundeskanzler dafür, die weltweiten Rüstungsausgaben zu kürzen und mit den freiwerdenden Milliarden Krankheit und Hunger in den Ländern Afrikas und Asiens zu bekämpfen. Die völlig überschätzte heutige Amtsinhaberin will jetzt, nach dem Abbau des Sozialstaates, der Gefährdung der europäischen Einheit durch ihre Alleingänge und der Aufgabe der Ost- und Entspannungspolitik, die Militärausgaben deutlich steigern. Willy Brandt stand für Frieden, Entspannung, Abrüstung und Hilfe für die Dritte Welt. Merkel steht für Aufrüstung, Waffenexporte, Unterstützung der Öl- und Gaskriege der USA und Konfrontation mit Russland.

Oskar Lafontaine
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October 17 2016

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Discovery of peculiar periodic spectral modulations in a small fraction of solar type stars
by Ermanno F. Borra & Eric Trottier (10 Oct 2016)

A Fourier transform analysis of 2.5 million spectra in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey was carried out to detect periodic spectral modulations. Signals having the same period were found in only 234 stars overwhelmingly in the F2 to K1 spectral range. The signals cannot be caused by instrumental or data analysis effects because they are present in only a very small fraction of stars within a narrow spectral range and because signal to noise ratio considerations predict that the signal should mostly be detected in the brightest objects, while this is not the case. We consider several possibilities, such as rotational transitions in molecules, rapid pulsations, Fourier transform of spectral lines and signals generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). They cannot be generated by molecules or rapid pulsations. It is highly unlikely that they come from the Fourier transform of spectral lines because too many strong lines located at nearly periodic frequencies are needed. Finally we consider the possibility, predicted in a previous published paper, that the signals are caused by light pulses generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence to makes us aware of their existence. We find that the detected signals have exactly the shape of an ETI signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this hypothesis. The fact that they are only found in a very small fraction of stars within a narrow spectral range centered near the spectral type of the sun is also in agreement with the ETI hypothesis. However, at this stage, this hypothesis needs to be confirmed with further work. Although unlikely, there is also a possibility that the signals are due to highly peculiar chemical compositions in a small fraction of galactic halo stars.
Only one way to solve this - lunarbaboon - disagree



Schwesterchen liest keine Zeitung und überhaupt vermeidet Schwesterchen, Nachrichten wann immer es sich vermeiden lässt. Für Nachrichten gibt es ja mich, die ich zu den Morgennachrichten, Zähne putze und zu den Spätnachrichten, Handstand übe. Noch dazu halte ich an der schon so altmodisch gewordenen Idee fest, eine Tageszeitung zu abonnieren und auch zu lesen. Dafür wusste Schwesterchen schon als es noch keiner ahnte, dass es ‚aus’ sei zwischen Angelina und Brad und riet mir dringend endlich etwas mit meinen Haaren zu machen. Meine Frage, ob sie wohl annähme, dass Brad Pitt sich mit seinem gebrochenen Herzen wohl bei uns in der irischen Provinz vergrübe, nahm Schwesterchen nur mäßig belustigt auf und schnarrte, dass meine Schlauheiten bis jetzt noch nicht zu einem Mann geführt hätten, der mir am Frühstückstisch beispielsweise die Zeitung anreiche. So erfuhr auch Schwesterchen, die bekanntlich in London lebt, auch von mir und nicht aus der Times vom Brexit. Schwesterchen schnaufte am Telefon und befand, dass die Engländer noch nie durch besondere Herzlichkeit oder Offenheit aufgefallen seien. Sie muss es schließlich wissen, denn die Frau, die heute ihre Schwiegermutter ist, gab ihr als Schwesterchen und ihr Sohn ausgingen, nicht einmal die Hand zur Begrüßung. Heute verehrt niemand Schwesterchen so, wie ihre Schwiegermutter, aber das ist eine ganz andere Geschichte. Damals also schnaufte Schwesterchen noch einmal und erzählte mir von einem karamellfarbenen Paar Stiefel, die ich unbedingt probieren solle. Ich nickte g*ttergeben. Dann sprachen wir über andere Dinge. Den Brexit erwähnte ich nur dann und wann denn Schwesterchen vermeidet Nachrichten, wann immer sie kann. Schwesterchen vermeidet Nachrichten, aber das heißt noch lange nicht, dass sie der Realität keine Beachtung schenkt. Jeden Morgen nämlich nachdem Schwesterchen ihre vier Kinder mit Küssen, Brotdosen und einer Umarmung in Schule und Kindergarten verabschiedet hat, fährt meine Schwester bepackt mit einem Rucksack und zwei gewaltigen Jutebeuteln mit der U-Bahn in eine Schule, die in einem sogenannten Problembezirk liegt. Zusammen mit zwei Freundinnen, bereitet sie dort allen Kindern, vor allem aber jenen die ohne Brotdose in die Schule kommen ein richtiges Frühstück. Die meisten Kinder, die ohne Brotdose kommen sind nicht aus Pakistan, Nigeria, Rumänien oder Polen, es sind besonders oft Kinder von Eltern, die oft besonders stolz darauf sind, Englisch zu sein, vielleicht weil sonst nicht viel Stolz übrig bleibt. Es sind Kinder aus Familien, in denen oft nicht zwischen wichtig ( Essen auf dem Tisch ) und einem neuen Tattoo ( nicht so wichtig ) unterschieden wird. Es sind Familien in denen der Fernseher oft der einzige Gesprächspartner ist, der nicht schreit. Es sind Familien ohne Väter und mit oft überforderten Müttern. Es sind Kinder, die Fäuste früher kennen gelernt haben, als offene Arme und die sich oft erstaunlich gut wegducken können. Es sind Kinder, die gemeinsame Mahlzeiten als etwas ganz und gar Außergewöhnliches wahrnehmen. Es sind Kinder, die morgens oft die einzigen sind die aufstehen, weil den anderen irgendwann der Tag entglitt.

Während die Kinder also schreiben oder rechnen, schnitzt Schwesterchen, Apfelkronen, bastelt Bananenboote, richtet Mandarinenspalten als Schmetterlinge an, belegt Brote mit lustigen Gesichtern und füllt Müsli und Chocopops in Schüsseln. Schwesterchen weiß welche Kinder ihre Äpfel am Liebsten in Erdnußbutter tauchen und welche Kinder keine Milch mögen, sie weiß ganz genau, wer das Brot wie kross getoastet haben mag und wer ein Gurkenmännchen dem Bananenboot vorzieht. Schwesterchen kennt alle Kinder beim Namen und weiß wer prima Fußball spielt, wer toll Rechnen kann und wer die schönsten Bilder der Sonne malt. Schwesterchen lebt seit fast zwanzig Jahren in London und seit 18 Jahren bereitet sie jeden Morgen das Frühstück für die Kinder. Jedes Jahr zu Weihnachten bekommt Schwesterchen, Stapel von Karten ehemaliger Frühstückskinder, die längst erwachsen sind, aber die noch nicht vergessen haben, wie das ist, wenn man willkommen ist, so wie man ist. Es geht natürlich eigentlich nicht um Toastbrot und Müsli, auch nicht um Mandarinenschmetterlinge oder Apfelkronen, sondern Teil der Frühstücksrunde ist, dass Schwesterchen, wie auch die beiden Freundinnen jedem Kind eine oder auch mehrere, so viele Umarmungen wie ein Kind eben braucht, anbietet. Die Umarmungen meiner Schwester sind nämlich ganz besonders. Schwesterchen zieht jeden, vor allem aber diejenige, die es ganz besonders brauchen fest in ihre Arme. Die Kinder, die als frech und aufmüpfig gelten, die Kinder, die den Unterricht stören, die Kinder, die überall blaue Flecken haben, die Kinder, die selten sprechen und die Kinder, die man überall hört, vor allem aber auch die Kinder vor denen sich alle grausen, weil niemand ihnen die Haare wäscht oder mit ihnen die Fingernägel schrubbt, meine Schwester aber hält sie nur noch fester. Schwesterchen sagt ihnen allen, während sie in ihren Armen liegen, genau das was sie auch ihren Kindern und mir, wann immer sie uns umarmt sagt: „Du bist schön, du bist klug, du bist wunderbar, genau so wie du bist.“ Schwesterchens Umarmungen dauern immer genau so lange, wie jeder einzelne braucht, um diese Sätze zu verstehen. Die Umarmungen meiner Schwester sind die dickste Mauer gegen die Kränkungen der Welt, die man sich nur vorstellen kann. Schwesterchens Umarmungen sind Wellenbrecher und wo andere Umarmungen erdrücken, ist in den Armen meiner Schwester immer Platz zum Wachsen. Für manche Kinder müssen die Umarmungen für einen ganzen langen Tag reichen und viele Kinder laufen aus dem Frühstückszimmer noch einmal zurück in ihre Arme.

Selbst als Schwesterchens Kinder noch ganz klein waren, gab sie den Frühstückstisch nicht auf. Das jeweilige Kind band sie sich um die Hüfte und belud den Kinderwagen eben mit Lebensmitteln. Seit fast 19 Jahren also ist meine Schwester Frühstücksfee. Gestern aber kam meine Schwester wie jeden Tag beladen mit Jutebeuteln und Rucksack in die Schule. Nach dem Frühstück bat die Direktorin sie und die zwei Freundinnen zum Gespräch. “Eltern hätten sich beschwert”, sagte die Direktorin. “Die Eltern wollten nicht, dass ihre Kinder, Gemüse oder Obst bekämen, dass aus der EU komme.” Die Eltern seien überhaupt gegen die EU-Diktatur, die nicht nur Gurken norme und die Bananenkrümmung messe, sondern die grundsätzlich  Obst und Gemüse als wertvollen Bestandteil jeder Ernährung propagiere, dabei entspräche dies nicht der Tradition eines englischen Frühstücks.” Schwerer aber noch wiege, das Schwesterchen als auch die beiden Frühstücksfeefreundinnen keine Hiesigen im richtigen Sinne seien und von den Eltern als „fremd“ wahrgenommen würden. Dies müsse die Schulleitung natürlich ernst nehmen. Sie möchten also bitte verstehen, dass das morgendliche Frühstück wohl nun nicht weiter stattfinden könne. Die Zeiten seien ohnehin nicht danach. Es sei schließlich auch ihre Verantwortung als Rektorin, darauf achtzugeben, dass an ihrer Schule keine vergifteten Äpfel in Umlauf wären.

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October 14 2016


breakcore — wiki

Breakcore is a loosely defined electronic music style that brings together elements of industrial, jungle, hardcore techno and IDM into a breakbeat-oriented sound that encourages speed, complexity, impact and maximum sonic density. Similar to punk, breakcore adheres to a loose set of stylistic "rules" and is defined more by an attitude than by a musical formula.

Influences and Development
Breakcore began to evolve out of boredom with stagnant forms of more traditional techno and rave music, as well as an evolution within noise and sound art. A need for faster BPMs as well as a more anti-authoritarian sound also pushed the various sub-genres to greater extremes.

Proto-breakcore came from London, Berlin and Newcastle, Australia (home of Bloody Fist Records). Early influential artists include Alec Empire, DJ Scud, Panacea, Christoph Fringeli and Nasenbluten. Fringeli describes the sound then as "a hybrid strategy rather than a style or genre. It drew its influences and sources from industrial hardcore, jungle/drum'n'bass and everything in between and neighbouring it, engaging in an alchemy of sounds, pillaging the rave culture and sharpening, radicalizing and intensifying it."

Ambush Records
In London, DJ Scud co-founded Ambush Records with fellow producer Aphasic to focus on more extreme noise-oriented hardcore drum and bass. Some artists released on Ambush are Christoph Fringeli, Slepcy, Panacea, and Noize Creator. "Scud and Nomex tracks like 'Total Destruction' helped create the blueprint for much of breakcore's sound, a high-bpm mash-up of hyperkinetic, post-jungle breaks, feedback, noise, and Jamaican elements paired with a devil-may-care attitude towards sampling that pulls from the broadest musical spectrum of styles (hip-hop, rock, industrial, pop, and beyond)."

Bloody Fist Records
At the same time, Bloody Fist Records based in Newcastle, Australia released many records of hardcore/gabber, industrial, and noise. Label founder Mark Newlands said, in 1997, "I think that the uncomfortableness also comes from a reaction towards the mainstream and popular culture that's constantly shoved down our throats, that's forced on the people via television, radio, mass media, etc. I think that also fuels the fire and keeps the aggressiveness there and the uncomfortableness." Artists signed to Bloody Fist in its lifetime include Syndicate, Xylocaine, Epsilon and Nasenbluten.

Digital Hardcore Recordings
Formed in 1994, Digital Hardcore Recordings released music by artists such as Alec Empire, Patric Catani, Shizuo, Atari Teenage Riot, EC8OR and Bomb 20, shaping the breakcore sound. The Alec Empire album the destroyer is often noted as the first breakcore album.

Breakcore becomes a genre
As the early days of "hardcore techno" or just "hardcore" began to settle in Europe, breakcore as a genre began to take more concrete forms in other parts of the world. Inspired by new labels such as Addict, from Milwaukee, USA; Peace Off from Rennes, France; Sonic Belligeranza from Bologna, Italy; and Planet µ, from London, began to take a new shape, adding in more elements of mash-up and IDM to the hardcore sounds. Each of these labels began to draw in aspects of their own social and aesthetic scenes into their music, allowing for an even broader definition of what was possible in the music.

One of the most controversial issues in breakcore is that of the mere existence of the genre. Because it pulls liberally from other musical genres, there is not a consensus on what is and what is not breakcore, or even over the usefulness of the term itself. Because of the fragmentation, the breakcore scene is not centered in any one geographical location, but is rather scattered into disparate groups. Perhaps the one place where breakcore's "voice" can be heard is virtually, through the internet and various online forums, such as those at C8 and Widerstand.

According to Simon Reynolds, of The New York Times, breakcore is "purveyed by artists like DJ /Rupture and Team Shadetek, the music combines rumbling bass lines, fidgety beats and grainy ragga vocals to create a home-listening surrogate for the bashment vibe of a Jamaican sound system party. Others within the breakcore genre, like Knifehandchop, kid606 and Soundmurderer, hark back to rave's own early days, their music evoking the rowdy fervor of a time when huge crowds flailed their limbs to a barrage of abstract noise and convulsive rhythm. It's a poignant aural mirage of a time when techno music was made for the popular vanguard rather than a connoisseurial elite, as it is today."

In Europe, the breakcore genre was solidified by raves and club events such as Breakcore Gives Me Wood, in Belgium, and Breakcore A Go Go, in the Netherlands, which was run by FFF and Bong-Ra; as well as Anticartel, in Rennes, and later, Wasted, in Berlin.

Amen break
While breakcore is definitely not only organized around the cutting and distortion of the amen break, it is a key to defining the genre. The amen break in breakcore is primarily used at high-speeds and edited to produce jarring effects when distorted and layered in combination with almost any sound. This particular drum-break sound characterizes many breakcore songs and is still used as a key factor to define the sound. This is in line with breakcore's tendency to create a post-modern parody of drum and bass clichés - many of the sounds heard in breakcore are very "classic" jungle samples.

Since the genre as a whole still is developing and growing rapidly, the music itself is largely downloaded via peer-to-peer networks, and discussed on internet forums. Whereas the early days of breakcore were based in select urban cities, the genre now has no geographical center. The music itself tends to reflect this multiplicity of media diffusion itself (as already mentioned) by incorporating so many different forms of music all hacked together to form breakcore. It remains a relatively small genre, but compared to its size prior to the 1990s web boom, it continues to grow substantially.

Developments in the genre
Breakcore has forever been changing and branching. Many newer breakcore artists focus on melodic progressions and complex drum programming while other artists still focus on distorted hardcore breakbeats and dark-edged musical influences (such as heavy metal, and industrial). The prolific Venetian Snares has produced breakcore blended with elements of classical music. Other artists such as Shitmat, Toecutter, Sickboy and DJ Scotch Egg take another direction towards mash-up, happy hardcore and rave to make a lighter, more humorous sound. The rise of chiptune music has also blended with breakcore with artists such as Patric Catani, AA.Kurtz, Sabrepulse, Daylight Daterape, Tarmvred, and DJ Fhantom. Some musicians from the power noise scene have begun to take influence from breakcore. The UK Free Party scene has also expressed a large interest in producing and distributing its own takes on breakcore, with crews and labels such as Headfuk, Hecate, Bad Sekta, NoFixedAbode, Marionette records, Tinnitus, Ill Industries & Life4Land helping to push the scene and sound forward, as well as bringing over a number of international artists to play at their parties and club nights.

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