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March 02 2019


December 18 2017

Scott Galloway Says Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google should be broken up

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November 20 2014


there are no ethical choices under capitalism. 

  • living in a tiny house/co-op/commune doesn’t opt you out
  • going vegan under capitalism doesn’t opt you out
  • understanding your privilege doesn’t opt you out
  • never becoming a boss/cop doesn’t opt you out
  • buying from thrift stores doesn’t opt you out
  • eating/buying local doesn’t opt you out
  • riding a bike doesn’t opt you out
  • composting doesn’t opt you out

nothing will opt you out of the inherent unethical nature of capitalism unless you organize to overthrow capitalism, succeed, and replace it with a system that ends the human exploiting nature-human exploiting human system.

This isn’t to judge anyone for not having done enough, it’s rather a wake up call that capitalism is very real and can’t be so easily side-stepped or dropped out of because of individual life choices.

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November 08 2014


October 29 2014



when people say that raising the minimum wage will hurt workers because of layoffs or inflation they’re really just admiting that capitalism is structurally unable to provide an adequate standard of living for the working class

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May 19 2014

We associate maturity with a sober acceptance of a great many things that we should refuse to accept.

Why is there still so much suffering all around? Why do some have so much and others so little? Why are most jobs mindless? Why can’t there be more security and leisure? Why do anxiety and fear persist almost everywhere? Aren’t we destroying the planet for no particular reason or reward? Couldn’t we start again in some new way?

We are made to understand – in a variety of subtle ways – that these aren’t serious questions (growing up means being made very aware of the dangers of being idealistic or even worse ‘naive’); these are the sorts of questions that fourteen-year-olds write poems about or argue with their parents over.

Depart from the agenda and with bewildering speed, one ends up in territory deemed ‘radical’ and therefore, ridiculous – even if most of what we now take for granted (a minimum wage, child protection, environmental legislation) started off by seeming entirely radical, if not insane, to ‘sensible’ opinion.

[These questions are] at this point in our history too significant to be stumblingly raised only in private in the middle of the night or else shouted in a hoarse voice from a megaphone seconds before a police charge.
How economic news keeps us dumb and stops us changing the world | Philosophers' Mail
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May 10 2014



things about capitalism people take for granted:

if you don’t prove your worth (and not to society at large, but specifically to the people who already have the money), you’ll literally fucking die. this is considered totally normal and not at all evidence that the system is evil

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