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January 13 2018

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Tags: feminism
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November 14 2017

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evidence that ancient paleolithic venus statues were made by women who were examining their own bodies and sculpting them from their own point of view, not, as previously assumed, exaggerated features from an outside perspective

source: toward decolonizing gender: female vision in the upper paleolithic, catherine hodge mccoid and leroy mcdermott, 1996

Weird how everything makes more sense if you stop assuming men did everything ever

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April 12 2017


March 23 2017

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What If Lara Croft Was A Dude?

Do you want to play?

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June 10 2015

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I have never thought about it in this context

that’s actually really, really creepy.

I… fuck.

Yeah, basically.

I once pointed this out to my mother and she just stared at me, in stunned silence for ages. 

There will always be a girl who is less sober, less secure, with less friends walking in a darker part of town. I want her safe just as much as I want me safe.


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June 07 2015

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June 06 2015

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Okay but after seeing this I started doing it too and it’s amazing how many men I’ve run into bc they expected me to move

Gotta try it

I work (and walk) on a college campus. I’ve lost count of how many men I’ve smacked shoulders with.

Recently, I was standing outside my son’s classroom waiting to talk to his teacher. I stood on one side of the hallway, not even close to the center. At some point, a man came walking along. I was standing right in his path, but the hallway was empty, so I logically expected him to swerve around me. Instead he kept walking right toward me, got to me, and stopped, as if waiting for me to get out of his way. I didn’t; I just smiled politely at him. He finally walked around me, clearly annoyed that I hadn’t leapt out of his manly path.

Now I’m wishing I’d leapt aside, taken off my jacket and laid it on the floor before him, then bowed deeply and said, “My Liege!”

I also work at a college campus. I smack shoulders sometimes, but I find that if I stare straight ahead and follow the advice below, people get the heck out of the way.


Honestly this post changed how I carry myself when walking alone in public, or in a situation where I’m the one leading. People definitely move for the murder gaze.

Every time I go to Disney World, I encounter this type of person. Also on my university’s campus, people would walk side by side on the sidewalk, and I’d always step into the grass or onto the sidewalk to avoid running into them (this was freshman year). You are important enough to use the sidewalks and not have to yield to people traveling the opposite way.

May 24 2015

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what would you think of a woman who addressed a club meeting of men by telling them how charming, how well gowned, how pretty, they were?

This is why I really like books that are set in oldey times with people who have views like this, and why it annoys me when people say but that’s not historically accurate

tbh, half the time ‘not historically accurate’ is code for ‘i wish things were still like my imaginary version of 19th century England only minus the cholera’

This just makes me absurdly happy, especially because it’s written by a man calling out other men for this shit.

“But they didn’t know better” you sure about that?

dude was so mad about this he was snarking in all caps

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May 21 2015


May 20 2015


Women, as opposed to men, are an oppressed group.

Tell that to little men, men with unmanly hobbies, men who are physically or mentally weak, men who aren't exactly alpha as fuck. [...]

The oppression of men you describe in this paragraph is based on the oppression of women. Not even those men you describe are an oppressed group. Their oppression is solely based on the oppression of women, and fighting that is sufficient to end their oppression as well.

That is why I think the term feminism is a good fit as a name for the fight for gender equality.

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May 16 2015




I want support for ugly girls and lazy girls and girls that can’t ever get their eyeliner right. I want feminism that includes girls who are too big or too black to be on body positive blogs. 

I want girls with acne scars and girls who don’t “pass” and girls with facial hair. I want girls who are, in fact, man hating lesbians. I want poor girls.

I need the girls who never took a course in gender studies but who still know the way that society treats them is bullshit. 

It doesn’t feel like a revolution when we’re only showing more of the same, when we only raise up the voices of some women.

I need to do better. We all need to do better. 

say it louder, I don’t think they heard you in the back

Tags: feminism

December 16 2014

As long as we have to prove our womanhood or manhood, we are not free
— Laverne Cox (via fuckyeahlavernecox)
Tags: feminism
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November 06 2014



"there’s no time for a black widow movie"

"there isn’t an audience for a female lead superhero movie"


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October 29 2014














i dedicate this comic to the teacher who pulled me out of class in middle school to tell me my bra strap was showing and that i needed to get a jacket to cover it up so that i didnt distract the boys

dedicated to all teachers, school administrators, parents, dudes, dudettes, random ass strangers, politicians and dogs who think that is a woman’s duty to ensure that men aren’t ‘distracted’

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September 27 2014

So it seems like if they want to reduce abortion, the best thing to do would be to support contraception—but they're against contraception, too, because contraception and abortion decouple sexuality from procreation. That's why I think religious preoccupation with abortion is largely about controlling the sexuality of women.
— Dr. Willie Parker in Esquire

May 23 2014


May 07 2014



When straight men are like “but if I share a locker room with a gay guy he might look at me!”

Okay leaving aside the fact that gay doesn’t mean attracted to you

And gay doesn’t mean “lacking in any sort of human decency or inability to prevent staring”





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December 16 2013

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like not even in a witty way

if you actually feel guilty for eating reasonable amounts of food and even unreasonable amounts of food at times (heaven knows i sometimes do haha) you don’t need feminism you need to seek help 

Feminism isn’t going to cure your eating disorder.

and eating disorders aren’t linked to your gender! yeah, women are more likely to have them because of chemicals and hormones and other sciencey things i don’t understand, but men can have them to and personally i don’t care what chromosomes you have, if you have a serious mental illness, for the love of God, SEEK HELP

psych grad currently working in mental health here, i just want to say that you’re all wrong and express my disappointment in your ignorance

first off, the person in the picture is not saying ‘i need feminism because i have an eating disorder’, she’s saying she associates eating with feelings of guilt and god knows many women, including myself, can relate. this feeling of guilt ALONE is in no way indicative of a mental disorder so you should feel silly for making that assumption in the first place. such guilt, however, IS for the most part the result of living in a society that values and forces on women an unattainable standard of thinness, and shames women for displaying pretty much any kind of appetite whether it’s for food or sex or money or power

second, many psychological disorders are ABSOLUTELY influenced by society, culture and environment. genetics and biological factors do play a vital part in causing EDs, yes, but it is a VERY WIDELY ACCEPTED FACT in both the academic and professional community that sociocultural and environmental factors also play a significant role in causing EDs.

don’t believe me? maybe you’ll believe the American Psychological Association, the world’s largest and most esteem association of psychologists. (x)

or maybe you’ll believe this study that found that 38 months after their first exposure to western media (the same media that currently overexposes us to portrayals of idealized thinness) in the late 90’s, Fijian women (whose culture originally appreciated larger bodies) experienced a sharp rise in disordered eating (x)(x).

now, no one is saying that feminism can cure eating disorders, that’s a ridiculous notion, but it certainly attempts to dismantle the systems that contribute to high rates of EDs in women

and finally, let’s be real here, the person who made that edit and most of the people who are reblogging this and agreeing absolutely don’t give a damn about this girl’s wellbeing and mental health, they’re just looking for any excuse to shit on feminism. so fuck all you assholes and your faux caring bullshit :)


Oh damn.

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November 13 2013

Frau muss ins Bild passen. Männer auch, nur Männer haben das Bild bestimmt und haben es somit leichter
Sexismus heisst ein Leben lang schuldig sein Teil ll | eidgenossin
Tags: feminismus

Appell FÜR Prostitution - für die Stärkung der Rechte und für die Verbesserung der Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen von Menschen in der Sexarbeit

Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

Prostitution ist keine Sklaverei. Prostitution ist eine berufliche Tätigkeit, bei der sexuelle Dienstleistungen gegen Entgelt angeboten werden. Ein solches Geschäft beruht auf Freiwilligkeit. Gibt es keine Einwilligung zu sexuellen Handlungen, so handelt es sich nicht um Prostitution. Denn Sex gegen den Willen der Beteiligten ist Vergewaltigung. Das ist auch dann ein Straftatbestand, wenn dabei Geld den Besitzer wechselt.

Prostitution ist nicht gleich Menschenhandel. Nicht nur Deutsche, sondern auch Migrant_innen sind überwiegend freiwillig und selbstbestimmt in der Sexarbeit tätig. Prostituierte, egal welcher Herkunft, pauschal zu Opfern zu erklären, ist ein Akt der Diskriminierung.

Obwohl Prostitution im Volksmund als das älteste Gewerbe der Welt gilt, ist sie in den wenigsten Ländern als Arbeit anerkannt. Im Gegenteil, Sexarbeiter_innen werden in den meisten Teilen der Erde verfolgt, geächtet und von der Gesellschaft ausgeschlossen. Deshalb fordern Sexarbeiter_innen weltweit die Entkriminalisierung der Prostitution und ihre berufliche Anerkennung.

Diesen Gedanken verfolgte auch die Bundesrepublik mit der Einführung des Prostitutionsgesetzes im Jahre 2002. Durch die rechtliche Anerkennung hat sich die Situation für Sexarbeiter_innen in Deutschland verbessert. Sie können ihren Lohn einklagen und haben die Möglichkeit, sich zu versichern. Außerdem ist die Schaffung angenehmer Arbeitsbedingungen und Räumlichkeiten nicht mehr als "Förderung der Prostitution" strafbar. An den Rechten der Polizei, Prostitutionsstätten jederzeit zu betreten, hat das Gesetz nichts geändert. Die Zahl der Razzien hat seitdem zugenommen.

Zwar hat das Prostitutionsgesetz Schwächen und eine Reform wäre notwendig. Das Hauptproblem ist jedoch nicht das Gesetz selbst, sondern der fehlende Wille zu seiner Umsetzung in den einzelnen Bundesländern.

Entgegen vieler Behauptungen ist das Prostitutionsgesetz nicht für den Menschenhandel in Deutschland verantwortlich. Wie aus dem Lagebericht "Menschenhandel" des BKAs hervorgeht, hat die Zahl der identifizierten Opfer seit seiner Einführung sogar abgenommen. Auch in Neuseeland, wo Prostitution seit 2003 als Arbeit anerkannt ist, ist keine Zunahme des Menschenhandels zu verzeichnen.

Zu den Faktoren, die Menschenhandel begünstigen, zählen globale Ungleichheiten, restriktive Migrationsgesetze sowie die Rechtlosigkeit der Betroffenen. Eine erfolgreiche Bekämpfung von Menschenhandel erfordert umfassende strukturelle Reformen auf globaler Ebene und einen menschenrechtsbasierten Ansatz.

Eine Kriminalisierung der Kund_innen, die erotische Dienstleistungen in Anspruch nehmen, ist zur Lösung dieser Probleme ungeeignet. Das sogenannte "Schwedische Modell" hat zwar die sichtbare Straßenprostitution verdrängt, aber weder die Prostitution an sich, noch den Menschenhandel nachweislich reduziert. Die Arbeitsbedingungen haben sich indes extrem verschlechtert. Dänemark und Schottland lehnen die Einführung des „Schwedischen Modells“ bereits ab.

Darum fordern wir:

  • Beteiligung von Sexarbeiter_innen an politischen Prozessen, die sich mit dem Thema Prostitution befassen.
  • Keine Ausweitung der Polizeibefugnisse und keine staatliche Überwachung oder Einschränkung der bürgerlichen Freiheiten.
  • Keine Kriminalisierung der Kund_innen, weder nach dem Schwedischen, noch nach einem anderen Modell.
  • Aufklärung statt Zwang und Verbot, staatlich geförderte Weiterbildungsangebote* für Sexarbeiter_innen.
  • Kampagnen gegen Stigmatisierung und für einen respektvollen Umgang mit Prostituierten.
  • Bleiberechte, Entschädigungen und umfassende Unterstützung für Betroffene von Menschenhandel.

→ Zum Unterzeichnen


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