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This is a nice function I really miss on soup! How did you do that?

So, please bear with me, this is not witchcraft, I know it looks intimidating, but just go through it step by step, you can't break anything. If you get stuck, just reload the page and everything will be as it was. Close the Element Inspector with the X in its top right corner.

Also it's obviously very ramshackly.

  1. We go to the post we want to react to.
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  3. Write our reaction.
  4. 8796 5395
  5. Open the same page again in a another tab. (Don't close the first one.) Right-click on the part we want to quote and select Inspect Element.
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    1. Now what we want to quote is your text obviously, and then the part with the speech bubble that provides a link to your post.
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      1. So we'll use the Element Inspector first to delete the stuff in between (the conversation up to this point). Obviously we only need to do this if the post we're reacting to is itself a reaction.
      2. When we hover our mouse pointer over an element in the Inspector, it highlights this element in the page above. In this screenshot you can see our mouse pointer pointing at the <ul class="reaction_to"> element, and above see that this element encompasses the conversation up to the point of the post of which we're on the page.

        1341 41fa

        So now we're going to right-click on this element in the Inspector and choose Delete Node (Knoten löschen). In this next screenshot we can see that this does not only affect the markup (HTML), which is why we did it, but also the page itself, where the respective elements are now gone.
      3. 2477 0f5b
      4. Now we repeat the same for the reaction below.
    3. We're left with this on the page, which is what we want to quote.

      2936 fcc6

      By hovering our mouse in the Element Inspector we can see that the speech bubble icon is in the <div class="meta"> element and the text of the post in the <div class="content"> element. Now in order for the Soup CSS to apply to this HTML (=markup) even after we've ripped it out of this page and put it in our reaction, we need to preserve the whole tree of elements that encompasses these two. The parent node that both have in common is the one that starts with <div id="post601784690" ... . If we look closely, we can see that another element is contained in this node, the <ul class="actionbar">, which provides the Repost and React to widgets. 6889 fb11This we also don't want to quote, so we delete it too.
  7. Now we're left with the markup we want for our reaction. We right-click on the <div id="post601... element in the Inspector, and choose Copy Outer HTML. (There's still some stuff in there we don't need, but it shouldn't hurt.)
  8. We go back to the first tab, and switch to the HTML view of our reaction,

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    at the very beginning, write <blockquote>, paste our prepared markup, and write </blockquote>.
    So what we end up with is the following:
  9. Post.
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