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txt: itsame-cass asked: "Dear Mr Gaiman, I love reading, I always loved it, and now I am studying Creative Writing and English Literature at university hoping some day to fulfil my dream of becoming a writer. However, one of my professors told me that reading for the purpose of escaping reality, as I often do, is wrong and if my objective is to become a fantasy writer I should rethink about it. What do you think? Am I loving reading books for the wrong reason?"
As CS Lewis once said, quoting Tolkien, the only people who inveigh against Escape are jailers.
If you knew someone in a bad place, wouldn’t you want to help them to escape? Even if it was just for a few days? And to gift them with knowledge and armour that they can take back to their daily lives, that may help them?
I would.
I do.
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