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October 12 2018


The Conservative government (UK) is launching a police super-database. It’s truly frightening.

The UK government announced it will launch a new police super database later this year. It will have advanced capabilities for data matching via multiple agencies. But that’s not all. According to the contract specifications, the database will also use technologies to target people by their everyday movements and associations.


As the Guardian reported, the database, known as LEDS (Law Enforcement Data Service), will be up and running before the end of 2018. As well as the Police National Computer (PNC) and the Police National Database, LEDS will also include data from other computer systems. We don’t yet know which ones.

But it’s not just the police who will access LEDS. A range of government departments, such as Border Force and HMRC (tax office and customs) will also have access. So too will private credit reference agencies.


LEDS was referenced in a 2015/16 annual report by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter. In the report, he expressed concerns that there is no parliamentary oversight of such systems.

Ominously, the commissioner said:

Journalists, interested parties and civil liberty groups consistently complain that, for a national system, it is increasingly difficult to obtain relevant information on efficiency, effectiveness, number of cameras in operation, etc. The advent of LEDS will increase that clamour.


Before contracts were awarded for LEDS, a non-disclosure document was issued to all would-be suppliers. Subsequently, the main LEDS contract was awarded to IBM in February 2017, at an estimated cost of £10-12m.

According to the Home Office specifications, LEDS users will “consist of UK Law Enforcement Communities and other authorised Agencies throughout the UK and internationally”.

These include (but are not limited to):

• Police Forces – 43 separate forces throughout the UK.
• Border Control / Immigration.
• Government Departments.
• Government Agencies.
• Disclosure Services.
• Criminal Justice System.
• Offender Management Services.

“Government departments” and “Government agencies” are catch-all terms that can mean anything. And it’s noteworthy that international agencies – including, presumably, Interpol – will have access.


The specifications also include requirements to:

• Check an individual’s identity, offending history, status, and location.
• Analyse data to identify links between people, objects, locations and events.
• Set up automated alerts for new or changed data and events of interest.

The second item may be of particular concern, as it implies comprehensive surveillance and data matching.

Total surveillance

Kevin Blowe, coordinator for Netpol (Network for Police Monitoring) told The Canary:

Most people are unaware the police already gather and retain vast amounts of largely inaccessible data on citizens that is unrelated to crime. This includes millions of images, details of vehicle movements and intelligence ranging from political dissent to alleged gang involvement.

The Home Office’s planned “super-database” is the latest attempt to bring all this data together and finally complete the surveillance state jigsaw.

With the increasing use of real-time facial recognition technology, the routine gathering of social media information and an enthusiasm for trying to use data to predict potential criminal activity, this poses obvious and severe risks for our civil liberties.

Indeed. If the state combines existing police computer systems, ensures comprehensive data-matching, and enables information-sharing amongst all government departments and agencies, then we’re left with nothing less than a total surveillance society.

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September 24 2018



Matthew Green mit ein paar wichtigen, wahren Worten über Chrome. Chrome hat kürzlich eine Änderung gemacht, so dass Einloggen in einem Google-Account einen automatisch auch bei Chrome einloggt (und umgekehrt nehme ich an).

Mich betrifft das nicht, weil ich mich weder bei Chrome noch bei Google einlogge, und im Übrigen Firefox benutze. Aber ich sehe das inhaltlich ähnlich. Das ist ein Vertrauensbruch, und eine gute Gelegenheit, Chromes Marktanteil mal ein bisschen zu senken.

September 14 2018


November 30 2017







But now I’m wondering how all these facial recognition algorithms we’re coming up with now are going to take to the Bright New Transhumanist Future

Like, okay, we know Google can recognise dogs. But what about stranger things? Is anyone training these things on lizards?

Imagine basilisks specifically designed to crash these algorithms: abstract-blocks-of-black-and-white-for-heads that, like the QR codes of old, carry a hidden message in their patterning, only it’s a payload, a virus that shreds the system of anyone who tries to capture it on camera, the natural evolution of anti-face-detection camouflage. Imagine things that don’t even have faces, that don’t have an equivalent and easily-cataloguable part; people who deliberately wear mass-produced, identical android bodies, the Guy Fawkes masks of the future.

It’s a thing! Turns out, people would rather not look stupid than not be caught by facial recognition.

Somehow they look exactly like you would expect cyperpunk protagonists trying to avoid detection by facial recognition software to look.

hillarious dystopian future fashion finally makes sense.
or, all scene kids will survive 

thid is,,, exactly my niche

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July 24 2017


May 05 2017


April 13 2017




a nsa agent in a suit looking through my laptop camera: she’s on her phone…….. our data shows that she’s got tumblr open on her laptop but she has tumblr open on her phone………. double check her browser?

some nerd hired straight out of college: *types rapidly* she’s definitely got tumblr open on her laptop

the nsa agent, softly: so why is she looking at it on her phone…..

My husband and myself have served in the military. When we call home from overseas, our lines are monitored and on a short delay so no sensitive information is revealed. The line will just go dead if you say something you’re not supposed to.

Now, these calls are monitored by a department in the military called Signal corps. When we’d talk on my husband’s last deployment, we had a running joke that we said hi to “Signal Guy Fred.”

So this continued for his entire 12 month deployment, and we made sure we said hi or bye to “Signal Guy Fred” every phone call. On his final phone call before returning home we made sure to thank “Signal Guy Fred” for his time and wish him farewell.

So, before I disconnect the call, I wish “Fred” the best and thank him for his service. My phone was on speaker mode (I was cooking dinner) and my finger was hovering over the end call button when I hear the softest little, “My name’s Jason.”

a nsa agent in...
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May 24 2015


February 03 2015


Router-based content filtering/ parental controls

How can I protect my child from porn and adults-only content?

In the US, most parents have access only to Windows-based content filtering software. That means that for children accessing the net at home in the US, the only ways to monitor content are 1)being in the same room and 2) implement some router-based content-filtering solution. Obviously, this is not a XO specific problem, but perhaps the Wiki can have community pages to recommend some router solutions.
I read that as either "How can I spare myself the awkwardness of walking in on my child while he enjoys some porn?" or "Can I have the computer enforce my morals so that I don't have to spend time with my kids?". (in other words, focused on you rather than the child) FYI, in many parts of the world it is common for families to live in 1-room houses. The kids get live action! Even Abraham Lincoln grew up that way, and he turned out OK. When I was 6 to 9, my school got numerous porn magazines blown into the yard from the construction sites next to the school. I too turned out OK. (with a strong decade-old marriage) Kids can even draw their own porn with the paint program (done it), dare each other to show off their parts (a friend did), or make the family dog ejaculate (my wife did). It's normal. It's a learning activity. It doesn't turn them into perverts, get anybody pregnant, or spread diseases.
In the US, most parents don't teach math and science to their kids. Your effort is better spent doing that.
If there is any computer-related thing that you need to keep from your kids, it is addictive games. Little is learned, and much time is wasted. Random web surfing is more useful. Even chatrooms are more useful.

Please spare me your uniformed rant. Kids being exposed to porn is not a good thing, if you don't agree, then feel free to raise your own children with plenty of porn. Anyone have a helpful answer to the question?

Ask OLPC a Question about Social Issues - OLPC via Wikipedia

January 13 2015

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last of /my/ collection

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January 09 2015


This is the first morning in my life where I sent as much encrypted email as unencrypted! More & more correspondents are getting secure.



any advice for getting people onto crypto? Everyone not already interested seems so lethargic about it.

I haven’t had nearly the success that Cory Doctorow has had, that’s why I reblogged his post, out of envy I guess.

I have, so far, succeeded in getting exactly one friend interested in using encryption. But then I don’t have a whole lot of friends, so maybe it’s better to think of it as having convinced ⅓ of my friends. And that wasn’t primarily due to government invasions of privacy, but through sharing news stories with him about the Sony and Target hacks.

You see he’s a professor, PhD in psychology, and he is working with students, patients and research subjects, and it’s a growing ethical concern in his area of study about how to adequately protect the confidentiality of all these people. He doesn’t have the time to get a second degree in CS, nor the money to hire a professional, so he’s forced to come to an amateur with his questions. So I turned him onto OTR/PGP for chatting/emailing with his students when discussing confidential information, suggested file and hard drive encryption for storage and laptop loss. We’re both learning as we go along.

The only tip I would suggest is to just make yourself available. If you use an encrypted communication method, let people know. Include that info in your sigs or about me page, ‘Hey, if you want to speak to me without others overhearing, here’s how you can do it and I will help you get set up if you need it.’ If you see news stories that your friends can relate to pass them on. Many people can’t see how the NSA story affects them, but they do have things on their hard drive they wouldn’t want anyone to see if it’s ever lost or stolen, or might be interested to know how these tools can help avoid online harassment, stalking, etc… And the fact that local district attorneys are requesting information from ISPs and phone companies, without subpoenas, going on fishing trips investigating people not even suspected of committing any crimes, can bring the story down to a level that more people find relevant to them.

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December 11 2014


"I can't believe this is happening in America"


I keep seeing white liberals on social media posting that they can’t believe what is happening in Ferguson, or that they can’t believe this is happening in America. Now I normally wouldn’t care enough about any of that to make any commentary, but they are sending me messages, outraged at what America has become. This America is strange to them. “Are you seeing this?” Yes, I see it. “How is this happening?” Have you all not noticed that I’m Black? Do you genuinely believe that you are sharing confidential information here? Is white supremacy and the abuse of power by the police supposed to be breaking news for me? It’s like they’re saying “us good white people wanted to let you know that there are bad white people out there doing bad things. It’s shocking! Just want to let you know in case you weren’t aware.” They can’t believe it they say.

There are only 3 reasons why they can’t believe that Black people are under siege in the United States and those reasons are as follows;

1. They know nothing about the country they live in. Absolutely nothing.

2. They haven’t actually listened or payed attention to anything Black people have said before.

3. They are deep denial about their country.

This is a country that dropped two bombs via air on Black people in Philadelphia in 1985. When it comes to raids and sieges, all white people know is Waco and maybe Ruby Ridge. They don’t know about MOVE in Philadelphia. Go ask your white liberal friends if they know about MOVE and you will probably be met with blank stares.

Since the inception of the US as a settler nation, Black people have been under siege. Black people being under siege is something many white liberals cannot fathom because they have never been under siege and they don’t know Black history beyond Martin Luther King having a dream and Rosa Parks sitting on a bus. They are comparing Ferguson to war zones outside the US because this doesn’t seem like home. Certainly not the home they know. They can’t fathom it happening in their country. No my friends, this is America. This is your country. This is what it has always been. Violence committed against Black people is as American as apple pie.

This level of savagery is foreign to white liberals because they don’t encounter openly hostile and aggressive law enforcement as a default. They don’t have to deal with the indignity and dehumanization of barbaric policing and then get told that them being targeted for abuse is the law (i.e. stop and frisk, broken windows, Rockefeller drug laws etc). They’re not accosted by officers with K9 units. They’re not dealing with aerial outposts of police surveillance in their communities. It’s not their blood flowing on the streets. Pictures of dead white bodies murdered by the police and white vigilantes isn’t a reality that gets shared on social media. Their dead bodies aren’t used by opportunistic media outlets looking to garner traffic and clicks for profit. Their dead bodies aren’t consumed by an eager audience looking to take a bite out of the latest ‘strange fruit’ that fell off the poplar tree. Cops are not barging into their homes and destroying everything in sight. It’s not their naked grandmothers being dragged out of their homes. It’s certainly not their 7 year old daughters getting shot and murdered as they sleep like Aiyana Jones, nor is it their teenage sons being taken to remote marshes, forced to strip, beaten to a bloody pulp and then abandoned nude, like Rayshawn Moreno.

Do they think these cops became this aggressive, violent and militarized overnight? They evolved into the beasts you see by enacting brutality on Black people. Evolved is the wrong word here. They’ve always been like this. They just have better equipment at their disposal. Gone are the water cannons and fire hoses. They now have rubber and wooden bullets, tear gas and sound cannons that cause permanent hearing loss

The looting narrative is dead. Anti-Black racists can’t spin this with the classic Black criminality boogieman. The police are assaulting residential neighborhoods. The tide turned for white liberals after journalists started getting assaulted. Then it got real. It wasn’t real before when it was only Black bodies. Black suffering is meant for consumption and profit, not for enacting justice. Anti-Black racists wanted to conflate the issue with a handful of looters, as if the entire Black community in Ferguson were looters.

The question that should now be posed is that if journalists are getting arrested, physically assaulted, pelted with rubber and wooden bullets and even getting shot at with tear gas; if this is how the police is acting when everyone is watching, how do you think the police acts towards Black people when no one is watching? How do you think their policing in Black communities is conducted? Please note, after shooting journalists directly with tear gas, the police took their cameras. See here.

All this is happening in Ferguson because Black people dared to demand that the cop who murdered 18 year old Michael Brown be held accountable. They have to fight for mere accountability. Justice is not a given, they have to literally take to the streets and brave a police force that looks like an occupying military presence, complete with weaponry for warfare.

Ask yourselves white liberals, how often do white people have to galvanize entire communities and protest to get someone charged with murdering a white person? This is what Black people have to do time and time again.

Anyone who “can’t believe” what is happening in Ferguson is someone who is ahistorical and ignorant about the relationship the US has with Black people. We live in a country where the first air strikes delivered on US soil was on Black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their communities were destroyed. Incendiary bombs and explosives were dropped on them by white law enforcement via World War I planes. I repeat, they dropped bombs on Black people in residential neighborhoods. I made no mention of the ground attacks, just the aerial assaults. So by all means, after you feign shock at what is happening in Ferguson, crack open a book (written by a Black historian) and see what your country has been doing and getting away with for time immemorial.

We are living through and watching Ferguson in real time, and this will be history. Like with previous sieges and assaults on Black communities, the grandchildren of today’s white liberals who know nothing about MOVE in Philly or Black Wall Street in Tulsa or Rosewood or the Colfax riot or the Wilmington insurrection or any of the numerous state sponsored and funded assaults on Black communities will feign shock and disbelief when Black people are again assaulted and they will say “I can’t believe this is happening in America”. These are the same white people who are outraged at wiretaps and declare that “the government is invading their privacy”. They will say “this country is turning into a police state”. They will say that when this country had the FBI’s Cointelpro. Surveillance is something that is shocking to them. It’s shocking because they don’t know about Cointelpro and what it did to Black people and Black progress. Black people have lived under siege and under surveillance. This might be new for you, but it’s not new for Black people.

In the future when the young Black protesters of today’s Ferguson will be old, the young white liberals, much like their forbears who have never heard of MOVE, will know nothing of Ferguson. White people have the privilege of not needing to know. Ferguson will be another ugly chapter in the annals of US history that will not be part of a school curriculum outside of a Black studies class.

Black people will soldier on. They are survivors. The very existence of Black people in the US and the Americas is a tale of survival. Bless them. Bless us.

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December 02 2014


October 08 2014

Mir hat vorhin jemand eine Mail geschickt, deren Implikationen recht gruselig sind. Der ist mit seiner Familie rumgereist und hat Fotos gemacht und die am Ende bei Google hochgeladen. Google hat eine Funktion "Make a story", die daraus dann eine flashige HTML5-Webseite mit Seitenscrolling macht, wo die Fotos zeitlich aneinander montiert werden, aber dazwischen werden so Kartenausschnitte eingeblendet mit Pfeilen, von wo nach wo man gereist ist.

Das Gruselige daran: Die Fotos hat der Mann mit seiner Kamera gemacht, ein Modell ohne GPS. Google konnte den Fotos also nicht ansehen, wo sie gemacht wurden. Der Mann hatte allerdings sein Mobiltelefon dabei.

Fefes Blog

September 20 2014


September 12 2014

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September 08 2014


July 25 2014

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